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Move Out Information

MOVE-OUT INSPECTIONS: Leases end at 12:00 Noon on the last day of the last month of your lease. If you would like to present for an inspection then you must make an appointment in advance - this appointment will take about 10-15 minutes. We will need to collect keys, garage door remotes and get your forwarding address at that time. The inspection is performed only after all belongings are removed and the unit has been cleaned. If it is not possible that you can be present for an inspection, then please call to let us know. You will then be required to put all keys, garage remotes and your forwarding address in a large envelope and turn it in to the office or leave it in the drop box outside the rental office no later than 12:00 Noon on your lease end date.

UTILITIES: You will need to contact Alliant Energy (800-862-6222) and MGE (608-252-7222) to notify them of your move-out date and ask for the final bill to be sent to your forwarding address. You will also need to contact any optional services you set up (phone, internet, cable, satellite). Do not contact Madison Water Utility. Midland will schedule the final reading for the date of your move-out inspection. The final bill will be sent to Midland Rental and will be deducted from your security deposit. Do not be concerned if you have already called to schedule this, our order takes precedence and your billing will still be sent to us.

PET OWNERS: Please make sure that all pet waste is picked up from the yard and disposed of. You will be charged a removal fee of $50.00 if we have to clean it up. Also note that you are responsible for any damage to either the inside and/or the outside of the property caused by your pet. This includes damage to the lawn and bushes.

IF YOU PAINTED WALLS WITHIN YOUR UNIT: If you chose to paint your unit, you must restore the unit to the original condition at move-out. This includes painting walls back to white and/or using a primer to cover darker colors. Failure to do so will result in charges being assessed at move-out. Midland Rental contracts out all painting to an outside company. Any billing in excess of normal paint charges will be passed on to the tenant and deducted from the security deposit.

IF YOU INSTALLED A SATELLITE DISH: You must remove the dish and all equipment associated with it. You will be responsible for any damage caused from the installation/removal. If you fail to remove the equipment then Midland will do so and you will be charged accordingly.

MOVE-OUT REQUIREMENTS: It is our wish to provide you with a helpful checklist to go through prior to your move-out. The check-in sheet completed at the time of move-in will be used to compare the condition of the unit at the time of move-out. We offer the following information to aid you in recovering your security deposit. Please note that you are required to leave the unit empty, cleaned and in good condition. Cleaning issues ARE NOT considered normal wear and tear therefore charges will be assessed against your security deposit.


  • Refrigerator & Freezer cleaned, ice trays set on refrigerator shelf. DO NOT unplug or shut off refrigerator.
  • Oven, range, and burner drip pans cleaned, broiler pan cleaned and set in oven.
  • Sink, faucets, and cupboards cleaned, all supplies and dishes removed from cupboards.
  • No garbage is to be kept in the disposal... run with cold water to ensure food is disposed of.
  • Counter tops cleaned. Counter tops will be checked for burn and knife marks.
  • Kitchen floors cleaned.


  • Tub and toilet bowl cleaned.
  • Vanity area and mirror cleaned.
  • Cupboards emptied of all materials & wiped out.
  • Bathroom floors cleaned.


  • All nails and picture hooks removed from walls.
  • Floors vacuumed.
  • Closets emptied of all materials.


  • All supplied with appropriate, working bulbs.


  • Cleaned.


  • All items removed. Floor swept.


  • All materials removed. Area swept.


  • All carpets must be vacuumed...you do not need to have them professionally cleaned.
  • If vacating during the heating season, DO NOT TURN OFF THE HEAT! Temp should be left at 60 degrees.
  • Remove all trash from unit.(DO NOT leave trash at curb except on trash day).
    Trash that is put to the curb prior to trash day will be removed at the tenants expense!
  • DO NOT drive vehicles on lawn at any time during the move out.

For your information, the costs of general maintenance and cleaning are listed below:

  • Late Fees or Unearned Discounts - As provided in the lease agreement
  • Hold Over Rent - Twice the daily rate
  • Unpaid NSF/Returned Check Fees $25.00/per fee
  • General Cleaning $35.00/hour
  • General Maintenance $35.00/hour
  • Oven/ Refrigerator Cleaning $35.00/hour
  • Remedying Smoke Damage - Cost plus labor
  • Damaged Woodwork/Walls $45.00/hour plus materials
  • Drywall Damage $45.00/hour plus materials
  • Damaged woodwork on Decks $20.00/per board replaced
  • Siding Damage by Tenant $100.00/plus subcontractor labor
  • Locks Changed/Re-Keyed $50.00/per lock
  • Garage Remotes (broken or not turned in) $30.00/per remote
  • Sub-contractor Labor - Cost plus 10%
  • Broken Windows - Cost plus Labor
  • Bent or Broken Blinds $75.00 per set of blinds
  • Pet Waste Removal $50.00
  • Painting (beyond normal wear/tear) - Cost plus Labor
  • Removal of items left in unit $40.00/hour

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