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General Lease Information

SIGNING YOUR LEASE: Your lease is a legal contract between you as tenant, and Midland Rental as Landlord. We use the standard Wisconsin Residential Lease form. Please read the lease carefully as all the provisions are legally enforceable by you or us in a legal proceeding.

MORE THAN ONE PERSON ON A LEASE: It is agreed and understood that if more than one person is listed as a Tenant on the lease, each person is jointly and severally responsible for payment of the lease rental and for performance of all terms and conditions of said lease. All occupants over the age of 18 must be on the lease however we only permit a maximum of two un-related adults on any lease.

PRORATED RENT: There are some occasions that circumstances require a tenant to request to move in ahead of their lease commencement date. If Midland agrees to early occupancy, the tenant will pay a prorated amount equal to 1\31st of the month's rent for each day of early occupancy.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: Upon execution of the lease, the tenant shall pay a security deposit in the amount equivalent up to one month's rent. The deposit, less any amount legally withheld, will be returned in person or mailed to Tenants' last known address within 21 days as required by law after Tenant surrenders the Premises. Surrender shall include vacating of the Premises and return of or accounting for, Landlord's property held by Tenant, including keys. If any portion of the deposit is withheld, Landlord will provide an accompanying itemized statement specifically describing any damage and accounting for any amount legally withheld. The reasonable cost of repairing any waste, neglect or damages for which Tenant is responsible, normal wear and tear excepted, may be deducted from the security deposit. Landlord will give Tenant a written description of any physical damages charged to the previous Tenant's security deposit as soon as such description is a valuable. Tenant has seven days from the beginning of the term of the Lease to notify Landlord of any additional damage or defect existing prior to the tenant's occupancy and no deduction from the security deposit shall be made for any such damage defect of which written notification is given within the time stated. Tenant may not use the security deposit as payment of the last month's rent without the written permission of Landlord.

MOVE-IN INSPECTION FORM: When you move in, you will be asked to complete a move-in inspection form. This form is designed for your protection as it verifies pre-existing damages that we are sure you do not want to be responsible for. Please return this form within [7] days of your move in date itemizing any pre-existing damages by filling in the appropriate lines on the move-in inspection form. If this form is not received within the [7] day period, we will assume all areas of your unit are acceptable and you as tenant will be responsible for any damages. Please remember to sign and date the form at the bottom in the space provided.

GRILLING: Per the City of Madison, grilling is not permitted on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction. (Exceptions: one and two family dwellings) Therefore, grilling is not permitted on any patio or balcony at any of our townhomes or buildings that include more than 2 units. The Fire Department may issue a citation for any violations of these rules.

SATELLITE DISH: Midland Rental will allow for the installation of satellite dishes provided they are installed by CTI Satellite and Sound (608-846-5085 or 888-403-DISH). CTI installs for both Dish Network and Direct TV. Midland does NOT permit any other installer on the premises. Failure to follow this rule will result in the equipment being removed immediately at the tenants expense. Note that while we permit satellite dish installation, not all units can get a signal due to location.

NOTE:  Our new property in McFarland does NOT permit any Satellite Service (Dish/DirecTV).

GARAGE DOORS: Garage doors should be kept closed during the winter months. Leaving them open might result in frozen and broken water pipes. The Tenant will be responsible for damage if this rule is violated.

RENTERS INSURANCE: Each occupant is advised to carry hazard insurance on his/her personal property. The Tenant's personal property cannot be covered under the Landlord's insurance. Landlord insurance insures the buildings but not the personal belongings of the Tenant. It is the Tenant's responsibility to obtain hazard insurance, which covers losses for damages to the Tenant's property. Please store items up and off the basement floor.

WATER IN BASEMENT: Landlord cannot guarantee dry basements and suggest that property not be stored in the basement or lower level. Renter's personal property that is stored in the basement or lower level will not be the responsibility of the Landlord.

VEHICLES/PARKING: Storage of immobile automobiles, campers, boats and other recreational vehicles in the parking areas for a period of in excess of forty-eight (48) hours is prohibited.  If a vehicle is not legally registered and licensed, it will be towed away at the Tenant’s expense.  We do not allow maintenance of vehicles to be performed in any underground parking or surface parking area.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Please do not put fruit or vegetable pits, shells, steak bones, or stringy foods down the garbage disposal. Cold water must be used when the garbage disposal is in operation. Hot water could stop up your disposal and clogging may result. Flush your disposal well with cold water before, during, and after each use to assure that all ground waste is washed away.

PLUMBING: Do not flush commercial items down your toilet. Sanitary napkins as well as diapers should be disposed of in your garbage. If your plumbing becomes clogged, please notify Midland Rental Service Department as quickly as possible so as to prevent any damage.

PERMITTED WALL HANGINGS: Please use picture nails in walls to hold your wall pictures and hangings. Please do not use tape or paste-type fasteners on your walls. Please do not attach any hardware to your doors or woodwork.

PAINTING: Midland Rental will not permit painting in our rental units.  Any altered paint colors will result in charges being assessed against the security deposit.  Upon request, Midland will provide a quart sized can of touch up paint.  

SNOW REMOVAL: Snow removal for all town homes and Stonecrest /Midtown/McFarland duplexes will be provided within 24 hours after accumulation requiring plowing (2" or more on driveways) 7 days a week. We realize everyone would like to be first; however that is physically impossible. You can help by cooperating in moving your cars to assist snow removal as this makes the snow removal better for everyone. If you live in a duplex and are responsible for your own snow removal (per your lease agreement) then you agree to comply with the City of Madison Ordinance 10.28 which requires that all sidewalks be cleared of all snow and ice no later than 12:00 noon of the day following each snowfall.

RETURNED CHECKS: Tenants agree to pay Midland Rental a $25.00 bookkeeping charge for all checks returned to us for any reason. If the NSF check is returned after the rent due date, the rent payment will be considered late, and all charges associated with delinquent payments will apply. Midland Rental will not send the NSF check back to the bank for collection. Replacement of the NSF must be made by money order or cashier's check. Midland Rental reserves the right to require all subsequent payments be made in the form of certified funds.

COMMON AREAS: Please do not leave footwear, bicycles, or other personal belongings in the common areas, hallways, entrances, or common garages. These areas must be kept clear for fire safety as well as appearance. Midland will not be responsible for any items left in any of these areas. All items left in these areas will be tagged with a 48-hour notice and if remaining after this period of time will be discarded at tenant's expense.

FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS: In some of our rental units we have installed fire alarms systems. These systems are installed for your safety. Please do not pull these alarms unless there is an emergency. Wisconsin statute 941.13 states that it is a criminal offense to set off false alarms. This crime is punishable by fines of up to $10,000 and nine months in jail or both. Tenants responsible for false alarms will be held accountable for any costs associated with responding to the alarm. A false alarm may also result in eviction.

CARPETS: Midland Rental cannot guarantee that all stains or marks will be removed therefore it is the tenants responsibility to note all such items on the check-in form that is provided at move-in. If at any time during the lease the tenants wish to have carpets cleaned then it is at their expense. Upon moving out the tenant is responsible to vacuum all carpets. Midland Rental cannot withhold charges for standard carpet cleaning or replacement costs from the security deposit unless there is staining or damage that is above normal wear and tear.

TRASH REMOVAL: It is the tenant's responsibility to take out trash on a weekly basis. Trash must be set out the curb no later than 7:00am on the morning of pickup and no earlier than 5:00pm the night prior to pick-up. City of Madison requires that all residents follow the guidelines set forth for recycling - see your move-in packet for a list of these guidelines. Failure to comply with any guidelines can result in fees assessed to you account. Pick-up occurs on the following days:

MONDAY: Broadmoor St. (private pickup)

TUESDAY:  Chester, Jason, McKenna, Singleton, Talc, Tottenham & N. Wickham

WEDNESDAY:  Marsh Rd. (McFarland - Private Pickup)

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